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The History of My Name

In spanish, “alma” translates to “soul”. The name “Alma” has several meanings in different languages as well. It generally means soul or spirit but it can also mean diligent and nourishing. There’s not much of a story behind my name. My mom was the one who thought of the name Alma. After her third childContinue reading “The History of My Name”

Human Question #1

I’m prepared for emergency situations. For example, if a tornado or a fire ever occurs, I have a book bag ready with the necessities that I might need. The book bag is filled with water, canned foods, extra clothing, blankets, first aid kits, batteries, flashlights and a radio. However, I don’t feel like I’m preparedContinue reading “Human Question #1”


Living boldly, as in, living life to the fullest in a confident and courageous way. I need to be able to take risks and stop living with the fear of others judgement. One of my fears for the future is looking back and regretting that I wasted years of my life not being able toContinue reading “I WISH TO LIVE BOLDLY”

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